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classes have started

April 18, 2010

Notes from my journal dated April 5.

The program we came here to deliver started today. The kids are really excited to learn filmmaking and how to edit. They are brimming with ideas of films they would like to create.

Mark instructing with Suman, Sneharika and Kavita

Our program was designed to accommodate eight students, four girls and four boys.  Once they are relatively proficient on the equipment, they will teach their peers at PA.  Two of our students, Binod and Binita were featured in our documentary and appear on the cover of the DVD and it is lovely to work with such talented young people again.

featuring Binita and Binod on the cover

Two are new to PA Nepal (and featured in our first entry), and the other four are friends from our last visit.

We started the program explaining the our program and the responsibility they are taking on by working with us. They understand that they are meant to take these skillsAll of them committed to the program without hesitation. (phew!)

We taught them camera and tripod basics and got them into framing, types of shots and composition.

Sneharikha showing Suman the tripod

They practiced by taking photos and videos illustrating what we just taught them.

Here here are some of the photos that they took today:

sweetness | photo by Kavita

still life of foot and plant | photo: Sneharika

Kavita | photo: Subani

Rupesh | photo: Bijay

Suman | photo: Binod Lama

Bijay | photo: Rupesh

Binod | self portrait

umesh | photo: Suman

Their videos will come soon.

I think they will do well!
Thanks for sharing our journey!


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