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Arrived in Sankhu 27° 43’N, 85° 27’E, 1560m ele.

April 13, 2010

It feels like a long time since we have been at the Children’s home in Sankhu, and within a couple of hours, it feels like home. This is where we spent much of our last trip, and where we filmed most of our documentary ‘Family Stones’.

So much has changed. Many of the older boys we used to hang out with have moved on. I can see that it is a positive move for the boys, they seem to be flourishing, but their presence is definitely missed.

Of the boys from the documentary;
Chandra and Vishnu, the boys who were captured as Maoist soldiers and abused in the Nepali army barracks, are living together in the local village and teaching at PA Nepal’s Jinkiri school.
Jagad, who talked about the Maoists from a neutral perspective, has moved to the organic farm in Palpa, as has Sapana’s brother Sudarshan.

Cowboy Jagad in Palpa | photo: Erica Køhn

Sudarshan showing off his catch in Palpa | Photo: Erica Køhn

Binod is the only boy remaining, and we are excited to have him in our filmmaking program.

Binod in front of PA Nepal's fields | Photo: Suman Nepali

It was not long after we arrived that the laptop came out and the kids were watching our documentary about them ‘Family Stones’. My nervousness as the primary editor on the film was quickly dispelled by the kids reactions.

the kids watching Family Stones

and watching it again

They were enrapt.

The kids named all their friends as they appeared on the screen and were silent for the personal stories. They loved the vignettes of life in their home at PA Nepal and giggled the whole way though the boys last song… apparently it is an ode to lovely young girls.

They kids finished the film starry-eyed and hoping for more.

I think the Family Stones DVD we left them will be well used. :)

We are so happy to be back, and to have the approval of our most treasured audience.

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P.P.S. the coordinates are for you Dad :)

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