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our first students

March 25, 2010

Bijay and Rupis | photo : Mark Vonesch

We have arrived in Kathmandu and the project is off to a great start!

We met the Founder of PA Nepal at our hotel this morning.  Indira Rana Magar is a powerhouse who ruthlessly advocates for the rights of the most vulnerable children in Nepal.  Born in rural Nepal to a very poor family, she overcame many obstacles in her life to get an education and go on to become a world renown activist for prison reform and rescuing young people from the adult prison system.   It was a rare opportunity for us to find her with out a busy schedule, so we seized the opportunity to catch up on PA Nepal, the kids, and hammer out details for the project.

Indira Rana Magar | photo: Mark Vonesch

Lots has happened since we left in December of 2008.   PA Nepal has been busy busy and full of success stories.  It is wonderful to feel so much hope for young people whose backgrounds have been so challenging.  Stay tuned for the new developments at PA and more on Indira in another blog…

But for now… we have met our two first students!

We will be working with four girls and four boys from PA Nepal’s Naya Bazzar and Sankhu homes.  We are looking for a combination of a good grasp of English, some exposure to cameras and computers, responsibility and confidence.  They will lead this project, find new business and share their skills with other kids at PA.

Introducing Bijay and Rupis! These two have come into the children’s home since we were last here.  Fresh faced, excited and relatively confident on a PC, they show lots of potential.  Bijay just finished 9th grade and Rupis 8th.  They are 16 and 15 years old.  They will accompany us to Sankhu, where they will live with the other kids during the first phase of our project.

Another exciting development is that PA Nepal has secured office space with internet that can be used as the new businesses address and head office for this project.  This unexpected bonus will do a lot for fostering the professional image of the business.

Donated office above a cafe - looking from across the street | photo: Mark Vonesch

inside the new office | photo: Mark Vonesch

An exciting start!

Thanks for reading.

P.S.  Mark says ‘hi’.

sunset & crow view from the roof of our guest house | photo: Mark Vonesch

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  1. ANN CHISHOLM permalink
    August 23, 2010 5:33 pm

    This is fantastic. I look forward to seeing more.
    I don’t know if you remember but we travelled with you up to Pokara this year. Ann Susan and of course Sandy.
    Susan and I are returning on November the 6th until early December and will be going back to all the homes and hopefully the prisons again. We hear that things are very difficult so are frantically fund raising.
    Hope you are ok and are continuing with this great scheme,
    take care, kind regards, Ann.

    • August 24, 2010 7:37 am

      So great to hear from you Ann! How could I forget your adventures? We missed dinner with you, but managed to catch Sandy the night after. I hope your return went smoothly.
      That is wonderful news that you are returning in November. The kids will be excited to see you!
      Thank you for being such a powerful ally to them. They do need the support.
      Please send them our love!
      We are doing well, flat out for the summer and autumn with filmmaking. It sure keeps us busy!
      Did you end up getting the DVDs of Family Stones we left for you?
      Hope so.
      Keep in touch,
      Love and Light,

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