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up and running

May 30, 2010

The one month Spring break is over, and the kids are back in school.  Binita, Binod, Sneharika and Bijay are in class ten which means their schedule is filled to the brim with preparations for the state exams and college prep.  They will remain engaged where they can while school is on, but in a more diminished capacity.  Rupesh, Subani and Suman are in class nine, so they will be more readily on-call for work.  A shining star in the program is Kavita.

kavita on earphones

Kavita testing earphones, Binita and Suman on camera

Kavita has three months before college begins that she has dedicated to managing AABISKAR VIDEO PRODUCTIONS.  She is running the works, communications with clients, schedules, film shoots, edits, accounts…  At only 16 years old, she is incredibly responsible and observant.  She is always looking for more to learn and rising to every challenge.

A week or so ago, the group came away from a meeting with a new client having convinced them to engage AABISKAR for not only two films, but a website as well.

‘We can make website?’, she asked me.

‘Sure, you are managing your own blog on wordpress.  You could offer to set up a professional wordpress site for your client’, I replied.

‘OK, I will do that’.  That day Sneharika looked up the going price for setting up a wordpress blog and they added it to their repertoire.  I had to smile at their confidence that they can learn a skill and offer it to their clients so quickly. .  They have the makings of great entrepreneurs.

Check out their website at

By the way, have I mentioned AABISKAR means ‘to create’ in Nepali.  It also contains the first initial of all eight youth. Bijay, Binod, Binita, Sneherika, Subani, Suman & Kavita.

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May 27, 2010

Rosalind, one of the Alaskan volunteers at PA Nepal started a youth photography program in the called PhotoPals.  Similar to the idea of PenPals, it connects young people form around the world through photography.

In Nepal, she taught kids from PA Nepal’s Jinkirri school class 3 to 5, the elements of photography.

One of their assignments was based around shapes, another portraits.

She shared some of her favorite photos with me to share with you.  I am really impressed with the kids composition and eye.

Here they are:

triangles | photo: Ukesh

triangles | photo by: Ukesh

triangles | photo by: Ukesh

triangle | photo by: Sushma

rectangle | photo by: Srijana

rectangles | photo by: Saroj

circle | photo by: Chuitin

triangles | photo by: Anupa

portrair of a goat | photo by: Moussam

portrait of Sunil | photo by: Ukesh

portrait of Srijana | photo by Srijana

portrait of Durga | photo by: Srijana

portrait of Artie | photo by Srijana

portrait of Asheesh | photo by: Sabin

portrait of Moussam | photo by: Bisu

portrait of Swastika | photo by: Anupa

portrait of Srijana | photo by: Anupa

portrait of Bibesh | photo by Anupa

circle | photo by: Angmo

circle | photo by: Angmo

You can see more of her work with young people at

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April 23, 2010

The previous ten films were filmed, edited, exported and posted by the kids.  We are very proud of how quickly they have learned business strategy, film planning, FinalCut Pro editing, DVD Production, and how keen they have been in producing their first films.

They are all wonderful.

We would love to hear which ones stand out to you, and why.



April 23, 2010

suman’s first solo video.

Sneharika’s film

April 22, 2010

this is Sneharika’s first solo film!


April 22, 2010

This is kavita first solo film.


April 22, 2010


this is binita’s first personal video


April 22, 2010

This is Bijay’s first solo film.

Subani’s videos

April 21, 2010

this is Subani’s first solo videos.

Rupesh’s Video

April 21, 2010

This isRupesh’s first solo video